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About ITS - In The Skin ATX

The Full Story

What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s my passion for beauty and wellness, and that is the foundation of ITS - In The Skin ATX. I have always loved both beauty and wellness, from hanging out with my Grandma Lila who had her own salon to snapping freshly picked green beans from the garden with my Grandma Lucille, I danced between what seemed to be two different worlds, but as I have learned - beauty is not just skin deep and both beauty and wellness depend on the very things we sustain ourselves with.

ITS - In The Skin ATX is truly my own passion project, gaining more and more traction every day.  While I've been a part of the medical aesthetics community for many years now, I've always had a passion for cooking, nutrition, holistic living and pratices - in 2016 things took a more serious note when I started digging deeper while trying to help a loved one walk through a serious health crisis, I came to understand that pills don't solve every problem, and those seemed to be the only option offered.  I have always leaned on the more natural side but was fortunate to have some exposure to a few integegrative medicine physicians that allowed me to see that it is important to heal the person as a whole and to get to the root cause of an ailment, not just to apply a bandage and call it done.  After reading countless books, going to school to become an Integrative Health Coach and continuing my studies into Holistic Nutirion, I've discovered that integrative wellness is also important when it comes to my other love - helping others feel beautiful.   

Welcome to ITS - In The Skin, where you will find an integrative "crunchy" approach to beauty and wellness which encompasses the person as a whole.  I hope you enjoy browsing ITS, and all of the unique content we have to offer. Take a look around; soon we'll have products and services that will give everyone the opportunity to look & feel their very best!

Leigh Ann Olufs, LMA, SLT, NPA-CPT & CHC, Founder

Leigh Walters Olufs


Thanks for visiting ITS - In The Skin!  I hope you enjoy your stop by my humble passion project, and find inspiration, useful tips, and encouragement to follow your dreams!  

With love, Leigh

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