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Ten Tips For Fabulous Fall Skin

By Leigh Ann Olufs

It’s official, my favorite season is upon us - I not only love fall for its foliage and cooler weather, but I also love it because it means boots, hats, scarves, and wearing beautiful, bold colors we can’t wear any other time of year; as a skincare professional it also means a time of refreshing and renewal for our very dry, sun-damaged skin.

My clients often ask me how they can remove those sunspots and lessen the fine lines that happen with the excessive sun exposure we all get after a long hot summer, so here are my top ten tips for fresh fall skin.

  1. Get A Professional Chemical Peel – After the dog days of summer our skin is left dry, pigmented, and lacks the luster we long for – chemical peels help to soften fine lines, remove built-up dead skin cells, lightens brown spots, and brightens your overall complexion. I can help you decide which chemical peel is suitable for your skin type and will help your skin look its best, chemical peels are most effective when done in a series. Book a complimentary consultation to discuss your peel options.

  2. Keep Applying That Sunscreen – Just because fall has arrived, and we encounter less direct sunlight, it doesn’t mean we can skimp on our sunscreen. We should be applying a physical SPF 30 or higher daily on our face, neck, chest, hands, and arms, this will not only prevent photo-aging it will also help protect our skin from developing pre-cancerous lesions or skin cancer.

  3. Change Your Cleanser – Though some of us have problem skin, having products that are over-drying can exacerbate your skin issues, it is a good idea to switch to a less drying alternative throughout the fall and winter months.

  4. Tame That Toner – With toners, we want to balance the skin and bring it back to its natural PH rather than strip the skin, make sure your toner does not have alcohol which dries the skin excessively and can cause irritation, flakiness as well as excessively oil skin.

  5. Protect Against Free Radicals – Because we are indoors more in the fall months our skin can be bombarded with free radicals and toxins that get trapped in recirculated air and the fall elements, adding a serum that contains vitamin C will help protect your skin from damage. There are an array of serum options, to work with every skin type

  6. Moisturize – Again, those wonderful cooler temperatures mean layers, heaters, and fireplaces all of which can dry your skin out, adding a creamier moisturizer can keep the epidermis more hydrated and maintain your skin’s dewy fresh appearance.

  7. Don’t Forget Your Body – I love boot, jeans, and sweater season but just because our limbs are all covered up doesn’t mean we should forget about keeping them as smooth and silky as we did all summer! The best time to apply moisturizer is within five minutes of leaving the shower, our skin is still dewy, and our pores are open which allows our skin to drink in the extra hydration which will prevent ashy, itchy skin from becoming a problem.

  8. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – Water is one of the best defenses against dull, dry skin. We should be drinking at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water or more per day, this naturally plumps and hydrates your skin.

  9. Beautiful Skin Begins Within – Beautiful skin starts on the inside, if you don’t already take vitamins these can really help your skin – Omega 3’s, Biotin, Vitamin A, C, E, and Turmeric.

  10. Don’t Forget That Retinoid- This still seems to be a secret but every woman over the age of 18 should be on a nightly retinoid. Retinoids promote cell turnover to reveal the freshest, most youthful skin, help prevent pigmentation and lighten it, help minimize pores, prevent fine lines and keep the skin clear of breakouts. If you feel like your retinoid is too drying throughout the fall, simply mix a pea size of moisturizer with your pea size of retinoid at bedtime for the same great effect!

These tips are good for everyone, however, I am happy to can guide you step-by-step on which peel and products are right for your skin type. Simply book your complimentary consultation with me for Fabulous Fall Skin!

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